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Sorry everyone, I don't think there will be a comic on Wednesday. More stuff going on that I can't really get into. There will be one up Friday... don't know about Sunday again. Weekends have been getting awful busy as of late. Sorry again.


Crap, none today. I got busy upgrading 'Vanus.. heh, sorry. I'll have Sunday's up though.


Oops... sorry, this one was supposed to go up Friday, then I was away for the weekend again. I'll just toss it up for today.


Okay, we are back up and running! Woot! House/pet sitting was fun and exciting as always. Hmm... I sense more boring explinations in the near future... oh well, what are you going to do? Heh.


Man it's been awhile since I drew him. What did happen to him anyway.... oh... right... umm.... <.< >.>

Anyway... I did think work was getting better.. I was wrong. Also in other news, my sister won a trip to Florida for a week, so I get to house/pet sit again for her all next week while they're gone. So, I doubt there will be any updates after this Friday until the next Wednesday, which ever day that is. So fear not, stick around and we'll be back up runnin' again in no time!


Woot! Non-cannonical Filler from Spoon, whilst work sucks around here! Thanks Spoon!


Okay, sorry for the lack of updates again. Work just sucks. To make a long story short... management doesn't know how to set a budget so they're making the hourly employees go home 1.5 hours early... and expecting us the salaried people make up the difference to 'prove our worth' to the company. *sigh*

The next comic will be up Wed. Past that... *sigh*


Rule #1: Never let Shawn explain anything

Rule #2: Research = watching TV

You know... I really didn't have that connection in mind when I came up with this world. It just does kinda work though...


Happy New Year all! Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. I had off work... and just decided to take off altogether. I was going to have one up Friday but I got really sick Wednesday and slept just about the entire day. Well.. execpt for the time work said I had to drive out to the doctor to get an excuse note because it was the day after a holiday. Yeah... that was a mess in and of itself. Take my advise... don't get sick. It sucks. Anyway... we are back up and running.

On a side note... I'm a little surprised this one got up... I got Portal Friday night and I was up till 6 Saturday morning beating it. That game rocks. I would have gotten it done sooner... but I had to take a little break and play some WoW. Heheheheh...... Anyway, stay tuned!


Okay.. what with the holidays and all the schedule may become wierd. I'll try and keep things updated, but don't fret if I haven't for a little.


Okay, there probably won't be an update till next Wed. what with the holidays and all. So I'll see you all back here then!


Happy Halloween.


Okay, just a head's-up. I'm heading home again this weekend, so no comic on Sunday. We'll be back again on Wednesday!

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