In our story so far. Chris and Shawn were approached by someone claiming to be from another dimension. He gave them a package and a knife. The package contained plans for an extremely complicated device. They set about to build this device that should allow them to travel through dimensions as well. Once they had it completed, they tried it out an ended up in a world almost identicle to thier own. In this world they found another version of themselves. These two claimed to be the real owners of the device. They reveled their evil natures by stealing the device and going off to conquer everything. The quest of Chris and Shawn now? Save the universe.

Shawn's Log

Chapter One: Power Up!

World 1: This world was remakably similar to ours. There seems to be only one major difference, our generation on this world is the opposite gender than ours. The first people we ran into were our counterparts, Shawna and Christine. We explained to them our dilemma, and they decided to join us on our quest. That night Kyle, a member of the Interdimensional Defense Force (IDF), appeared and said he was sent to get all four of us. He gave us the option so we thought about it during the night. In the morning, we all decided to go with him. Unfortunately, the evil uses found us somehow. When we wouldn't give them the dagger, they kiddnapped Samantha. Then some giant beast thing attacked Kyle's transport. He gave us a book and told us to run. We outran the thing in P-Chan and ended up in some diner. Christine was able to start reading throught the book and discovered it was a history of some great war. Our waitress gave us a note that she said came from a kid, the note told us how to use the dagger to travel. However, our break was interrupeted by a flying nymph-like creature who seem perfectly content killing everyone in the diner to get to us. We escaped and made it to an exit from this world.

World 2: This world seemed similar to our world as well. We were in New York City, and not exactly the nicest section of it. We noticed that we were acting strangely. Once Christine did some more studying into the book, she figured out why. The heros of that war were gentically altered to pickup powers of the people in each world the visited. From this we reached the conclusion that we were the descendents of these heros. This meant that the evil uses had that ability as well. While wondering the streets we were attacked by a mugger. He was delt with quickly, this confirmed that we knew things we shouldn't. We used the last of our money for a motel room for the night. That night we learned more about the nature of the universe from the book and discovered where we were from the TV. Somehow we had landed in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels world. This certainly explained the ablilities and additutes we had recieved. In the morning the negaitive aspects of the Turtles was gone, leaving just their powers and abilities. We decided to move out again as soon as possible. The note we recieved at the diner said to keep moving to find Samanta, and that's what we intended to do. We found the next exit point down another dark alley. Before we could get it open, a gun fight broke out and I was shot three times (that really hurt). Shawna got the portal open and we managed to get through.

World 3: From the city out into the middle of a park. It seemed nice enough to me at the time, no more bullets tearing through me, and I was starting to feel better. In fact, I was feeling better than ever! I discovered I didn't even need my glasses anymore. Those healing abilities, and the random Bub's and Darlin's that I was throwing into my speech pretty much gave away our location. Christine said she definately felt stronger, and her center of balance had shifted. Chris claimed some martial arts knowlege. Now that we had another minute or so to relax, we still debated what we were to do next. Unfortunately before we could get to far into the discussion, one of Christine's new abilities kicked in and proved useful. We needed to get moving, fast. A quick game of hide and seek (which I was against), and we were attacked by some of this world's defenders. Chris used his new telepathy to find out why. Shawna managed to get a rather large power boost aparently and was able to get us to safety (transport us halfway around the world). Once we were safe, Chris began to explain. Apparently everyone who we borrow power from goes into a coma-like state. The X-men attacked us out of defense for their friends. Christine was rather unhappy at this news (I suppose I must agree with her), we were eliminating heros from any world we visited. Now in England, we seemed to have absorbed more power since Chris could now speak German, and Shawna recovered. She convinced Christine that we had no choice since Evil Chris and Shawn were absorbing power as well. Before leaving this world we figured it would probably be good to get some food. So Chris thought it would be funny to send me off into the woods to get some. I succeded. After getting food and some new costumes we moved on. (Yeah, some other stuff happened but its just talking).

World 4: Well, this was an exciting world. We arrived and I was hit on the head by nothing less than a cricket ball. After we were attacked by the killer white robots, we decided that it was in fact The Krikket Ball. For those of you who don't know, this is a very small bomb. It simply links the cores of all of the stars in the Universe. this causes them all to go SuperNova and destroy everything. We decided it would probably be better if we held on to it. Shawna took out the majority of the robots with her magic, unfortuanantly she lapsed into unconciousness again. Once we defeated the robots (nearly dying in the process). We quickly moved on to the next world.

World 5: We arrived here to see a beautiful sunset going down behind a distant mountain range. Both Christine and Chris thought this world seemed familiar, I think they're just being wierd (we've only been here a minute or two). Anyway, we made camp for the night and set watches. Shawna woke up during the night and was ok. The rest of the night past without event. In the morning while we were packing up to leave, we got confirmation on our location. We somehow had gotten into Chris' story! We were ready to get out of there in a hurry, but I heard someone moving outside of our camp. I called them out, and she showed herself. It turned out to be Jenny. You'll have to read Chris' story to understand most of this world, so don't worry about it to much. Jenny took us to the next portal and we moved on to the next world.

In all actuality this comic was initially an excuse to put us in various anime and video game settings which we thought would be fun. I hope you enjoy it.